Advantech Innovation in Green Energy Transformation: Seizing New Business Opportunities
AIOT Innovation for a Sustainable Future
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We are committed to showcasing innovative solutions and technologies that drive the evolution of smart energy systems. Join us to explore how Advantech's cutting-edge solutions are shaping the future of energy, ensuring a greener and more efficient tomorrow. Dive deep into the transformative potential of our offerings and be part of the change towards a smarter, sustainable planet.

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Accelerating the Digital Operations and Maintenance Management for the Future of Sustainable Development

  • iEMS
    Monitors the operating status of air compressor systems of factory in real-time and realizes remote automatic inspection and enhance the factory work efficiency.
  • The Future of Energy Management with IoT Technologies

  • Advantech’s SPMS solution offers a unified monitoring management system, machine-to-intelligence technology, and a solid IoT data framework that can meet most managerial demands.
  • Smart substation
    Advantech is an active participant in a new Virtual Protection Automation and Control (vPAC) Alliance to address industry challenges.
Advantech Solution introduction

Enterprise Zero-Carbon Innovation

Distributed assets and equipment, along with the real-time information from each energy resource and balancing them on the grid, present key challenges our customers currently face.

The following member companies have come together to form the vPAC Alliance and have started to fulfill its mission to develop a standards-based, open, interoperable, and secure architecture for substations.
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As a leading brand in IoT intelligent systems, Advantech has more than 40 years of experience in process automation in the Energy industry, which allows it to develop various products and technologies that ensure efficient operation to grow your business.

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