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Factory Facility Management

Middle East & Africa
Industrial Webinar (Live Streaming)
Challenge Analysis, Solution Overview
Application Stories, Insight Sharing

September 7, 2022 | Wednesday
11 AM- 12 PM
(UAE Time)
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Moving towards Transformation in Factory

Advantech ME&A invites you to take part in our Webinar “The Next-Level Optimization: Factory Facility Management”, which will be held on 7th September, at 11 AM (UAE Time).

Factory Intelligence and Smart Manufacturing are the keys for the manufacturing industry to maximize efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs. Especially, challenges such as difficult assets, equipment management, and ineffective utility are rather critical issues. Together with Advantech ME&A, step towards data-driven and sustainable facilities management.

At this webinar, our experts will present the solutions and application stories in how the IoT technology assists equipment manufacturers to achieve maximum efficiency management.

Join us to discuss with thought leaders and gain insights into the field!

The Biggest Pain Points for Factory Facility Management

  • Difficult Assets & Equipment Management
    Our Solutions
    • Reduce equipment downtime
    • Improve OEE statistics
    • Enhance local alarm system
  • Inefficient Utility Management
    Our Solutions
    • Reduce water / gas / power consumption by real-time monitoring
    • Enhance alarm and notification system
  • Ineffective Process Control
    Our Solutions
    • Reduce costs by optimizing production process
    • Provide comprehensive monitoring
    • Plan corrective maintenance
  • Restricted to On-site Inspection
    Our Solutions
    • Reduce on-site visits by monitoring remotely
    • Save working time by using dashboard for data visualization
    • Set up a utility benchmarking plan

Why You Must Attend this Webinar?
Chance to speak with industrial experts
Learn from insights
  • Insights

    Factory Facility Management
    • Challenges Analysis
    • Application Cases
    • Success Stories
    • Digital Transformation
  • Solutions

    Factory Intelligence and Smart Manufacturing
    • Wireless & Communications Solutions
    • Real-time Data Monitoring Solution
    • Machine Remote Management and Maintenance
    • Build Digitized Factories and Adopt -Transparent Information Management
  • Training

    Technical Implementation and Application
    • IoT Gateway
    • Node-RED
  • Certificate

    Attendee Only
    • Offer Certificate to Attendee Staying to the End
    • Participate in Our Testing Sample Program
    • Chance to Win Limited 300$ Amazon Gift Card

    * Advantech reserves the right to change, revise, and explain the specifications and event

In order to assure the quality and due to limited places, we only accept company emails for registration.
Wednesday, September 7th
11 AM (UAE Time)
11: 00 – 11: 04

Welcome Speech

Peter Huang, Host / Sales Manager, Advantech ME&A

11: 04 – 11: 05
Opening Speech
Ping Huang, IIoT Sales Head at Advantech ME&A
11:05 – 11:15
Special Guest
Allxon: Allxon X Advantech Workshop
Zoey Kung, Customer Success Manager, Allxon
11: 15 – 11: 25
Empower Facility Management with Advantech Industrial Wireless Solution
Stanley Chou, Business Development, Advantech
11: 25 – 11: 30
Testing Sample Program
Try it before you buy it!

• WISE-2410-NB (Wireless IoT Sensing Solution )

11: 35 – 11: 45

Digitalized Management and Reliability of the Whole Manufacturing Lifecycle

Kev Wang, iFactory Business Development, Advantech
Technical Sharing
Difficult Assets & Equipment Management
Chris Huang, Application Engineer, Advantech Intercon Region
11: 55 – 12: 00
Q&A Session
Advantech Middle East & Africa
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