Innovation in Green Energy Transformation: Seizing New Business Opportunities

Act Now on Carbon Reduction or Risk Future Orders!

Dec 6, 2023 (Wed.)
11 AM (GMT+4)
Online Webinar

AIOT Innovation for a Sustainable Future

The webinar will be held on
Dec 6, 2023 at 11:00 AM (GMT+4)

Get ready to be at the vanguard of an energy revolution! Advantech and Microsoft are opening the door to a future where energy efficiency and zero-carbon operations are within reach. Our upcoming webinar isn’t just an event—it’s the key to unlocking a sustainable future for your enterprise.

Advantech's commitment to Enterprise Zero-Carbon Innovation harnesses IoT and AI to forge Intelligent Energy Management Systems (iEMS), aimed at maximizing energy efficiency and steering organizations toward zero emissions. These systems empower real-time monitoring, analysis, and management of energy use, fostering proactive conservation efforts and cost savings.

Our approach is transforming the energy paradigm, from solar power breakthroughs and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to advanced Virtual Protection Automation and Control (vPAC) and the proliferation of EV charging stations.

So, mark your calendars for December 6th, 2023, at 11:00 AM. Don’t just watch the future happen—be a part of shaping it.

Your journey towards an intelligent, zero-carbon future begins here.

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Explore Green Energy Solutions

Accelerating the Digital Operations and Maintenance Management for the Future of Sustainable Development

  • iEMS
    Monitors the operating status of air compressor systems of factory in real-time and realizes remote automatic inspection and enhance the factory work efficiency.
  • The Future of Energy Management with IoT Technologies

  • Advantech’s SPMS solution offers a unified monitoring management system, machine-to-intelligence technology, and a solid IoT data framework that can meet most managerial demands.
  • Smart substation
    Advantech is an active participant in a new Virtual Protection Automation and Control (vPAC) Alliance to address industry challenges.
Who Should Join This Webinar?
  • For Industry Leaders

    Experience how Advantech's iEMS solutions are pioneering the journey to carbon net-zero, transforming traditional energy systems with enhanced efficiency, reliability, and control through innovations like vPAC. Grasp the impending challenges and opportunities to fortify your future strategies.

  • For Entrepreneurs

    Delve into the green energy market's expanse, leveraging the latest technologies to forge groundbreaking solutions, penetrate emerging markets, and accelerate business growth. Explore opportunities in Turkey's energy sector and the burgeoning solar energy business.

  • For Energy Enthusiasts

    Acquire a comprehensive view of the energy paradigm, understand the pivotal role of renewables, and the advancing technologies set to sculpt our energy future. Arm yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions and lead the charge in advocating sustainable practices.

Webinar introduction

Enterprise Zero-Carbon Innovation

Distributed assets and equipment, along with the real-time information from each energy resource and balancing them on the grid, present key challenges our customers currently face.

As a leader in IIoT and automation with over 40 years of experience, Advantech has crafted an exclusive online learning platform that caters to all levels of technology enthusiasts. Whether you're just starting or looking to deepen your expertise, our IoT Academy is your gateway to mastering the intricacies of IIoT.

Unlock the full potential of industrial IoT (IIoT) with Advantech's IoT Academy now!

IoT Academy


December 6th, Wed.

11 AM - 12 PM (GMT+4)

Host Welcome Opening
Daria Wu
Sales Manager, Advantech
Achieving Carbon Net Zero with Advantech iEMS Solutions
Veronica Lin
Sr. Director, Advantech

Sustainability & Energy Saving Solution

Daniel Tsai
MTC Director, Microsoft
Turkiye Energy Market Insight:
Real Practice of Energy Saving in Solar Power Industry
Tenzile Gul
P&E Sector Business Development Manager, Advantech Turkey

Mehmet Horat
General Manager, Vars Energy

Bridging the Communication Gaps for Renewable Energy with Intelligent Gateway Solutions

Cindy Huang
Product Manager, Advantech
Renewable Energy Business Opportunity
Scott Sun
Product Manager, Advantech

Exploring the Benefit of Smart Substation

Kaspar Cheng
Product Manager, Advantech


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Success Case Sharing
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Advantech Mission
We are committed to showcasing innovative solutions and technologies that drive the evolution of smart energy systems. Join us to explore how Advantech's cutting-edge solutions are shaping the future of energy, ensuring a greener and more efficient tomorrow. Dive deep into the transformative potential of our offerings and be part of the change towards a smarter, sustainable planet.
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About Advantech
As a leading brand in IoT intelligent systems, Advantech has more than 40 years of experience in process automation in the Energy industry, which allows it to develop various products and technologies that ensure efficient operation to grow your business.

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