Road to Secure, Sustainable and Efficient Transportation System

Advantech invites you to take part in the Webinar “The Future Vision of Intelligent Transportation”, which will be held on November 23 at 11 AM.

IoT technologies bring transportation firmly into the 21st century. Future transportation trends will fuse massive data computing, AI and 5G technologies and enable a range of applications such as traffic flow analysis, smart traffic management, violation detection, driverless vehicles...etc.

At this webinar, together with NVIDIA, our experts will present the solutions and application stories of how IoT technology assists railways and roadways in building a more secure, sustainable, and efficient system.

Join us to discuss with thought leaders and gain insights!

Why You Must Attend Advantech Webinar?

Bring Industrial IoT Technology & Insights to You

  • Technology Insight

    • Pain Points / Challenges Analysis
    • Application Cases
    • Success Stories
    • Future Transportation trends
    • Market Insight
  • Reliable Solution

    • Railway Safety / In-Train Solution
    • Roadway / In-Vehicle Solution
    • Highway Traffic Management
    • 5G / AI / ITA / ARS
    • Transportation Security Solution
  • Participant Benefit

    • Certificate of Completion to Participant Staying to the End
    • Chances to Win Valuable Amazon Voucher
    • Connect with Industrial Experts in the Field

    * Advantech reserves the right to change, revise, and explain the specifications and event

Wednesday, November 23, 2022
11 AM 12:20 PM (UAE Time / GMT+4)
11:00 11:05
11:00 11:05
Host Welcome Speech
Ping Huang, Sales Head of ME&A Region, Advantech IIoT
11:05 – 11:15
11:05 – 11:15
Guest Speaker
NVIDIA Metropolis for Smart Transportation Infrastrcuture
Eyal Enav, Metropolis Developer Relations Manager, NVIDIA
11:15 11:25
11:15 11:25
Facilitate AI Deployment in
Urban Mobility and Smart City
Ray Chi, Business Development Manager, Advantech
11:25 11:35
11:25 11:35
Guest Speaker
Topnet Market Insight of Transportation Security

K. Ganesan, Managing Director, Topnet Distributor FZCO

11:35 11:45
11:35 11:45
Ultra High-Speed 5G Router
Pavel Pospisil, Executive Director, Advantech Czech Republic
11:45 11:55
11:45 11:55
Guest Speaker
Lima – How to Engage in Transportation Projects
Saygun Mezarcioz, Project Manager, Lima Endustriyel Bilgisayar
11:55 12:05
11:55 12:05
Rugged Design Platform for Advanced Railway Applications
Kunhong Chen, Transportation Sector Manager, Advantech
12:05 – 12:15
12:05 – 12:15
Future-Proof Solutions of Ethernet Switches for Railway Applications
CharlieCW.Chen, Product Manager, Advantech
12:15 12:20
12:15 12:20
Q & A Session / Voucher Winners
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