Maximizing the Power of AI for Smart City Security
Advantech’s Next-Gen IoT Solution
The future of smart cities is here, and Advantech is leading the way with their innovative Smart City AI solutions.
Edge computing can be used everywhere where data is generated, — from factory for automating factory floor and warehouse, retail stores for self-checkout , to transportation with fleet management, and smart city with parking management and smart building. The launch of AI and 5G technologies have made edge computing more flexible, intelligent and connected. Advantech provides edge+ solutions that incorporate domain-focus software, AI, wireless connectivity, and cloud integration to empower versatile AIoT applications.
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With urbanization on the rise, 55% of the world’s population currently resides in urban areas, and this is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. As cities face mounting pressure to enhance their infrastructure, affordability, and overall quality of life for their citizens, the concept of smart cities has gained prominence as a viable solution. To make this a reality, cities need to leverage the latest advancements in networking and AI.

Advantech, a global IoT leader, offers a wide range of solutions designed to optimize city operations and enhance the well-being of residents. These innovative IoT technologies are designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of devices and systems, effectively leveraging existing infrastructure and investments to achieve maximum efficiency.

Discover the latest Smart City Innovations from Advantech, featuring cutting-edge technologies like 5G infrastructure, Wired & Wireless Hybrid Networking Solutions, and real-time AI surveillance to detect safety hazards, such as traffic congestion, environmental pollution, and public safety concerns. These groundbreaking technologies are designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and shorten commuting times for travelers.

Explore Advantech’s range of innovative solutions designed for onboard trains, such as their Intelligent In-Train Solution and Railway Station Solution. Additionally, for highways, explore their Advanced Traffic Management Solution, Highway In-Vehicle Solution, and Roadside Management Solution. In collaboration with NVIDIA, Advantech has developed an AI product series that enables the implementation of AI across a wide range of applications, from transportation and manufacturing to smart cities.
Networking Innovations for Smart Cities

Advantech’s Smart City IoT solutions play a crucial role in promoting sustainable urban development by streamlining operations and minimizing waste. Their EKI Networking Solutions, featuring advanced security and exceptional performance, are revolutionizing urban safety. Intelligent networks manage traffic and transportation, providing seamless city connectivity, while ultra-fast 5G routers ensure citywide coverage. Advantech’s solutions also elevate urban management by improving parking and lighting, and enhance smart city security through seamless security architecture integration. By providing comprehensive solutions that enhance various aspects of urban living, Advantech is driving the transformation towards a smarter and more sustainable future.
Smart City Success Case Sharing
See how Advantech's solutions have transformed the safety and efficiency of the GCC Region's urban landscape.
Success Case Sharing
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The Advantages of Smart City Innovations
Advantech provides a series of edge computing, AI, and wireless solutions with IT/OT security integration to help accelerate the implementation of AIoT applications such as smart automation, retail, transportation and smart city.
Real-Time Data
Advantech’s IoT solutions offer a fully integrated network of smart cameras and sensors, providing cities with continuous monitoring capabilities. By leveraging AI-powered surveillance systems, these technologies can analyze vast quantities of data in real time, providing valuable insights into critical issues like traffic congestion, environmental pollution, and energy consumption. This data can then be used to enhance city operations, resulting in minimized waste, cost savings, and an overall improvement in the quality of life for citizens
Advanced Data Analytics
Data plays a critical role in developing advanced AI technologies for visual and audio recognition and analysis, enabling a wide range of intelligent applications. With the help of AI-powered systems, cities can analyze vast quantities of data in real time, gaining valuable insights into critical issues like traffic congestion, environmental pollution, and energy consumption. By utilizing this data to enhance city operations, smart cities can reduce waste, save money, and ultimately improve the quality of life for their citizens.
Integrated Cyber Security
Advantech’s IoT solutions are specifically designed for easy deployment and management, providing cities with cost-effective and time-saving solutions. With centralized management systems, cities can efficiently monitor and control their IoT devices from a single location, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. Additionally, Advantech’s robust cybersecurity system can protect the city against a wide range of potential threats, ensuring the safety and security of both citizens and infrastructure.
About Advantech
As a leading brand in IoT intelligent systems, Advantech has more than 40 years of experience in process automation in the smart city and transportation industry, which allows it to develop various products and technologies that ensure efficient operation to grow your business.

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Advantech Mission
At Advantech, we're committed to sustainability and easy-to-deploy solutions that position us as leaders in shaping the cities of the future. With our Smart City solutions, the future of smart city management is within your grasp. As smart cities continue to grow and evolve, the importance of IoT solutions for optimizing city operations and enhancing citizens' quality of life is paramount.